Deborah Park

In December 2018, while coaching the Aurora High School Ski and Snowboard Team, I had a bad fall on the hill that shattered my left shoulder.  Recovery was long and painful.  I had to leave my high school teaching career for a year.  As I slowly regained physical strength and mobility, I realized I still carried psychological wounds that needed to be addressed, so I embarked on another healing journey: channelling the restorative power of creative art, specifically abstract decorative painting.  I started with simple rectangular tiles.  Next, I turned to rock—beach pebbles, field stones, slabs of quarried slate–then to wood, and finally, to traditional panels and canvas.  With no formal training, I developed an extremely detailed style based on pointillism and mandalas.  Amazingly, my stuff has found a receptive audience.  I have been commissioned to execute a number of artistic projects, both big and small.  I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy its creation.