Judy Fountain

Judy doesn’t really remember a time when she wasn’t colouring as a young child, or drawing and sketching as the years went on.  At age eleven she was introduced to the wonderful world of pen and ink while visiting a great Aunt in small town Ohio.   The fact that there was no television in her house until she was fifteen ensured that much of her spare time was taken up with artistic adventures. Even in her early teens and during high school she always studied art as one of her subjects. As a youngster Judy always experienced much encouragement from friends, relatives and teachers.

The environment created by plein air is probably one of Judy’s favorite as it allows such freedom when sketching flowers, trees, old structures and landscapes.  Judy frequently uses using pen, ink and watercolour together. She also enjoys pottery, jewelry creation, southern pine needle woven creations, nature photography, watercolour, and alcohol ink.  Acrylic paints feature quite extensively in her work and she particularly enjoys their forgiving nature, flexibility of colour and fast drying qualities.  Currently Judy is interested in the construction of creative jewelry and experimenting with alcohol ink. Her nature photography, pen ink & watercolour and acrylic work continues in parallel. Experimentation with new mediums influences and enhances the outcomes when returning to the familiar.

Judy’s artwork has been exhibited in the Artists of Uxbridge shows and the Horseshoe Cove Annual Spring Arts and Crafts Show in Bradenton, Florida.