Marlene Noble

Marlene has had an interest in artwork most of her life. Her creative abilities span a wide variety of mediums.

Marlene’s early craftwork with driftwood was a popular item and sold on a regular basis. Later with the Horticultural Group she used her creative abilities to design and made stepping-stones. On a literary note, Marlene has written a book called Assemblance which is a collection of quotes and sayings in various categories such as life and marriage. On a regular basis Marlene’s family and friends receive personal poems to mark significant life events.

After Marlene retired, she took up painting. She works in watercolour, acrylic and pen & ink. Typically her subject matter is taken from nature. She is a keen gardener and enjoys portraying the inner character of the plants and trees on paper.

Each year she collects together a series of her recent artwork to feature on a calendar. The calendar is printed as a limited edition for her friends and family.

Marlene is a member of the Artists of Uxbridge group and participates in the workshops, plein air and art shows.

Artist Marlene Noble

Artist Marlene Noble